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10 Ways to Exercise Without Exercising

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We all know people who just hate exercise but they want to like it. So that’s what it is all about: Ways to exercise without actually exercising.

Some people are like Garfield. They are just allergic to exercise. 

Anyways, we think that exercise is just a supporting actor. The most important thing is eating healthy. But we are not going to focus on that today. 

The thing on which we are going to focus today is Exercise without Exercising. So lets get started



No time for running? Just go for a walk. Even 15 minutes of brisk walking will do wonders to your health. Steve jobs was known for having walking meetings. 



This is the most fun and easy way to do loose some sweat. Zumba? Tango? Bhangra? Flamenco? Bollywood? You’d be surprised what you can sign up for and what will elevate your heart rate.



Ugh! Nobody like to clean. It is not anyone’s favorite thing to do. Just put on a song blasting at max, probably dancing as well and get started.  


Play out

Super heroes just never sit at home and watch TV or  tap their fingers on mobile phone. You can see them swinging on the buildings, popping flips or climbing walls. But you don’t have to that all. You can just visit the playground and be creative



I think there is nothing about Yoga that you already don’t know. But just to remind you, it can help you build flexibility and strength. It will also help you relax your mind.


Play a musical instrument

Did you know that playing a musical instrument can burn a hell lot of calories. And it’s even better if you do it while dancing around. 


Take the stairs

Our body is designed to move. You will be winded for the first few times, but eventually you will build up the stamina and it will be much easier. Just make a game out of it!


Sit on the floor while watching TV

Not leaning against you couch. Sit up straight and actively engaged. It helps your core! Do some sort of stretches during the commercial. 


Pace while on the mobile

Just get up and use those legs. You won’t even realize how many steps you have taken while on the phone. I could make you more alert as well.


Build stuff

May be fort in the backyard or a small craft activity. Everything involves some kind of moving around or may be even picking, bending and lifting stuff. 

Go Out and Challenge yourself . Commit to something new, or doing something different.

Here’s some advise for you:

  • Go with a friend if you join some classes
  • Say Yes before you say No
  • Expect to suck at lot of things
  • Have Fun
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