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5 Things to do After a workout to get Better Results

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Stretch it out!

Return your body to how it was before the workout. Stretch your muscles when they are warm because they are more flexible at that time. As you cool down, it contracts. Stretching will help decrease soreness and help in recovery process.


Refuel Yourself!

During workout, the body looses sweating and hence loses water. You need to replenish your water supply in the body. It also helps in decreasing the soreness in the muscles.


Change clothes & Take a shower

This seems to be a no-brainer. Right? Changing the clothes helps in preventing the growth of yeast, bacteria, fungus and germs. Then take a cold shower with the water colder than your usual temperature. Take a dip in ice cold water if possible when your body is still hot from the workout


Log your workout

Keep the track of your workout. There are many free and paid apps available for both Android and ios phones. It will help you to keep challenging yourself every time you go for a workout. Look back to your performance every now and then and decide on your next steps


Get the Right Snack

You need to regain the energy that you have spent during the workout. But that does not mean munching on anything you find. Junk food will negate the effect of the workout. Eat right, and provide your body with the fuel it needs.

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