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5 Things to do Before a workout to get Better Results

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Get Enough Sleep

“The most imperative thing in any fitness program starts the minute you go to sleep—that’s where all the magic happens,” says Cardiello. You should be getting at least six and a half hours of sleep before hitting the gym in the morning. It ensures that you are well rested and energized. It also helps in keeping the hunger hormones in check.


Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

It plays a very crucial role in the fitness program. When you are sweating, you are losing water. Hence you need to be well hydrated. It also makes sure your energy levels are correct.


Get a Snack

It is one of the biggest dilemmas we face while starting the workout. Whether to eat or not? The answer is: You should never go for workout empty stomach but you don’t want to be feeling full either. You are most likely to fell ill as your body will not have enough energy. Try to eat something an hour or so before the workout. 


Wear right Clothes & Footwear

Your attire should be comfortable enough for you to move, run, jump, stretch and get into certain positions and poses. It’s like having the right gear for the job. Your clothes should allow your body breathe and cool down as much as you need it to be


Stretch out!

You should have a stretch routine to make sure that your muscles are well-prepared. It relaxes your muscles so that you body is able to move freely during the workout. Also, incorporate some stretches into your warm-ups and cool-downs. 

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